Where did the sport of curling originate

Curling is an Olympic sport that sees players move stones along a sheet or ice towards a target. This area is then divided into four concentric circles. Curling originate in Canada. It is related to shuffleboard (and boules) and bowls. Two teams consisting of four players each, slide polished granite stones (also called rocks), across an ice curling surface toward the house. Each team has eight stone, and each player throws two. The goal of the game is for each team to have eight stones, with each player throwing two. A game can have eight to ten ends.

The stone can be made to curve as the player rotates it. Two sweepers with brooms, or brushes can further influence the rock’s trajectory. They will accompany the stone as it slides down the sheet and sweep away any ice. “Sweeping rock” decreases friction. The stone will travel straighter (with fewer curls) and for a longer distance. It takes teamwork, strategy, and a lot of skill to determine the optimal path and location of stones in each situation. Let see some Important rules of curling.

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